About Us

Who we are and what we stand for.

Great North Precision is a Canadian owned and operated company specializing in premium firearm, optics, shooting, and hunting located in Kelowna BC, but we service all of Canada. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with top quality products and knowledgeable staff that not only have the specifications of the products but actual hands on experience. This allows everyone working at Great North Precision to provide first class service to all our customers.

Why us?

We are not one of the big box stores, but we are also not your mom and pop shop. We deal in premium products and have the knowledge and staff to support our customers. You work hard for your money! Don’t you deserve a little more attention and service when looking at a premium brand? Give us a call at our toll-free number 1-888-622-1566 and experience the V.I.P. service that’s been missing until now. 

Where we are?

We are centrally located in Kelowna BC, in the sunny Okanagan valley.

 Our physical address is

130 - 1979 WINDSOR RD

Email General Mailbox: info@greatnorthprecision.com

We have a small store front to serve our local customers and a large warehouse for our online customers, with new stock arriving daily!

We are a 3000 square foot retail store located in Kelowna BC. We are unable to hold stock on all the items our vendors supply. If you don’t see what you’re looking for just ask we can check availability and get you an ETA very quickly.

Custom or special-order items are in high demand and experienced longer lead times. So if your looking at these product call now because while your still thinking about for the up coming season your timing might be to late.

We have stock arriving daily for many of the items but unfortunately, we can’t maintain high stock levels on all the items we list.

Meet our staff!

Our staff are experts in their field! Here at Great North Precision we strive to make our work environment as friendly and accommodating as possible with a professional but fun-loving workplace.

Our goal is to have a work place our employees want to stay.

We strive to be more then a store, we are a family!

Brent Jefferson:   President

Email: brent@greatnorthprecision.com

Who are you and what do you do?

 I am a certified “Elk”aholic, with a great passion for outdoors and the hunt! I’ve created Great North Precision because of my passion! I want to create a place where people can trust the advice they receive, from a group of experts and outdoor enthusiasts that don’t just talk the talk but also live the life.

What item do you always have with you in the back country?

  A key part of my gear would have to be my Sitka Ascent Pant. Light weight, quiet, stretchy and all around the most comfortable pant. Great for chasing early season bulls in the back country.


Allan Lundquist:   Retail Sales Associate – Resident Gunsmith

Email: service@greatnorthprecision.com

Who are you and what do you do?

  I enjoy the workings of firearms. In my spare time I’m often working on projects and repairs. I enjoy spending time with my family and getting out into nature for any of several reasons, hunting fishing or just to get out of the city and get my head on straight.

What item do you always have with you in the back country?

  Having a good pair of boot is very important to my time in the backcounty. The Crispi Guide GTX are my choice. With a little higher top then boots I’ve used in the past they give me the ankle support I need with out going to a hi-top boot. With the full Gortex lining I am confident that my feet will stay dry.


Jody Steele:   I.T. and Web Development

Email: Jody@greatnorthprecision.com

Who are you and what do you do?

  My passion for the outdoors, shooting and computers combine to make working at Great North Precision a perfect combination for me.

What item do you always have with you in the back country?

  My Garmin GPS with BACKROADS MAP BOOKS. As BC is so vast, I like to have the security of knowing where I am going and how to get back. Also, it is a great tool for tracking what I find and where.


Doug Jack:   Retail Sales Associate

Email: doug@greatnorthprecision.com

Who are you and what do you do?

  My name is Doug Jack, I’m a retail sales associate for Great North Precision. I enjoy spending time out in nature, and passing on the knowledge I’ve learned from others and my own life experience.

What item do you always have with you in the back country?

  One item I always have with me is my Benchmade Bugout II I like to be prepared when I’m hiking or hunting in the outdoors.


Dan Shemley:   Shipper Receiver

Email: dan@greatnorthprecision.com

Who are you and what do you do?

  My name is Dan Shemley, I am the Shipper and Receiver. So all your online orders pass through my hands to ensure you get what you ordered and it goes to the right place. When I’m not taping up boxes, I can usually be found working out at the local gun range, airsofting, floating in a boat fishing or refining scrap metal.

What item do you always have with you in the back country?

  The last thing you want when you are fishing for sturgeon or any big fish is a dull hook, which is why I love keeping my Benchmade Field Sharpener in my bag. Quick and easy to sharpen the hooks which leads to big fish coming in and fewer curses going out…


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