KG Coatings

Great North Precision is a proud retailer of KG COATINGS products. It is our goal to supply our customers with the best quality products with the options they need. If we don’t have it in stock, we can get it! Call for more information, one of our experts are waiting to help you. With Product knowledge and hunting and shooting experience we are here to give you honest firsthand advice about all the products we carry at Great North Precision

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11 Products


11 Products

KG-410 Light Weight Oil
$12.99 to $77.99
KG-7 Moly Powder
$21.99 to $42.49
KG-11 Moly Grease
$21.99 to $34.49
KG Gun Cleaning Mat
$7.99 to $21.99
KG-2 Bore Polish
$10.99 to $14.99
KG-12 Big Bore Cleaner
$9.99 to $12.49
KG-1 Carbon Remover
$5.49 to $7.49
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