Big Boss II Reloading Press

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The Redding Big Boss II Press is built with some of the same features as the original Boss press but built on a heavier frame with a larger ram and more usable ram stroke to make loading large magnum cartridges a breeze. Some of the new features include an innovative spent primer collection system which has a tube that redirects the primers away from the press and the "Smart" primer arm that automatically swings into position during the ram stroke and flips out of the way when not in use. Dies and shellholders sold separately. Technical Information Press Type: Single Stage Frame Material: Cast Iron Frame Design: O-Frame Frame Offset: 36 Degrees Frame Opening Size: 4-1/2" Handle Location: Bottom Right Die Size Accepted: Standard 7/8"-14 threaded die with bushing (included), without bushing 1-1/4"-12 threaded die Die Bushing Accepted: Yes, not quick change Die Bushing Brand Used: Redding Spent Primer Collection System: Spent primer collection system as used on the T-7 and Ultramag presses (spent primers drop through the hollow ram into a plastic tube which will hold hundreds of spent primers, or can be routed into a trash container. Ram Stroke: 3.8" Ram Diameter: 1" Priming Feature: "Smart" primer arm that moves in and out of position with ram travel Number of Mounting Holes: Mounting Hardware Included: Additional Features: Heavy Duty Compound Linkage Warranty: Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship