Boss Pro-Pak w/o dies

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We’ve selected our best reloading components and put them into one neat, money-saving package. This kit was created for both the first-time reloader to get started right and for the more advanced reloader desiring to upgrade his equipment. The Boss Pro-Pak contain the following: The Boss Reloading Press – Our best selling press Model 2 Powder and Bullet Scale. Simply the most sensitive, most accurate scale on the market. Powder Trickler – Heavy stable companion to the powder scale. Pad Style Case Lube Kit – Consists of our non-skid lube pad and our best case lube. Deburring Tool – The cutting edges are g round correctly for clean chatterless cuts. Model 18 Case Preparation Kit – Plastic accessory handle with all the tools and brushes you need to properly clean your fired cases before resizing. Powder Funnel – Made of tough Lexan® and nearly indestructable. Hodgdon Annual Manual – Reloading information for rifle and pistol ammo using Hodgdon, IMR & W-W powders in addition to a variety of helpful handloading articles.