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After 5 years in business and a lack of available gunsmithing and general firearm maintenance in our area we have noticed an increase in custom requests. Great North is proud to offer general services.

Outlined below is a list of basic services we offer at reasonable prices with qualified technicians to serve you and ensure you continue to have a reliable and safe shooting experience.




Services Time Hourly Price
General Service 1.0 $100.00
Minimum Fee 0.3 $30.00
Express Fee 0.5 $50.00
Scope Mounting 0.3 $30.00
Basic Cleaning 1.0 $100.00
Extensive Cleaning 2.0 $200.00
Trigger Job 1.0 $100.00
Stock Length / Recoil Pad 1.5 $150.00
Bedding / Free Float 1.5 $150.00
Range Ballistic Mapping Service TBD $200.00


General service

An hourly rate for customers who do not fit directly into one of the listed services but want something else that is doable by our gunsmiths.

Minimum fee

Is for smaller jobs that don’t take more then 20 min. Also set out for someone looking to have extensive work done as a preliminary diagnostic check. The diagnostic fee can be waved if the work to be completed is agreed on and commences work.

Express fee

For customers who must have the work done as soon as possible. Jump the line of other customers to have work expedited.

Scope mounting

When bringing in your own gun and scope not purchased from us you can be assured that your scope mount (link to scope mounts) job will still be done to the highest standards. Using proper Loctite for base mount installation when required. All screws or torques heads will be properly torqued to manufacture specifications. Once the mount is down and leveled it will be bore sighted to either the desired 50 or 100 yards you want.

*Disclaimer* Bore sighting means you will be close to bullseye, but it is the customers job to do final sight in and verify on target (link to targets).

Basic cleaning

Customers can now bring their firearms in to have them looked over for any ware and tare or worst case any obvious damage. General cleaning will include a full-bore scrubbing and cleaning using pro-shot products (link to pro-shot). A general wipe down of all exterior surfaces and oil or grease applied to all major moving parts before returning the firearm to the customer.

Extensive cleaning

Have an older firearm that’s seen some neglect or have a firearm that has been heavily used? This service provides customers with a complete strip down of the firearm. Cleaning all the nooks and crannies with proper cleaners and tools. This is a tidiest process and takes extra time. Once all pieces are completely stripped of foreign matter the firearm is then properly lubricated and assembled. Leaving you ready to go to the range to enjoy more shooting experiences.

Trigger jobs

Bring in your firearm and new precision trigger and our gunsmith can have it installed and adjusted to how you want it.

Stock lengthening and recoil pad installation

For customers looking to adjust their length of pull either shorter or longer this is something our gunsmiths can do. Whether you’re planning on keeping your existing recoil pad when applicable or upgrading to a new softer limb saver pad (link to limb saver) our gunsmiths will ensure that the fit and comfort of the adjustment is exactly how you want it.

Bedding and free floating

Looking to accurize your firearm or having issues with barrel harmonics? Have your action bedded using nothing but the best products to ensure all of our action bedding jobs are a snug secure fit to improve accuracy. Free float your barrel or increasing your barrel channel in the stock helps to ensure barrel harmonics stay the same from shot to shot, this is a great way to also improve accuracy.

Range Service "Ballistic Mapping"

Let our team provide you with an out-of-the-box, ready-to-shoot system.
Our professional staff will ensure that your system has been properly mounted and squared, group-tested with premium brand ammunition, accurately chrono graphed, zeroed at 100 or 200 yards, ballistically tested out to 300 yards. You will know what you are getting with test targets, chronograph data, and accurate ballistic data. 

This Service Includes

  • Assembly of customer provided components either purchased from Great North or brought in from another dealer (rifle, sight/riflescope, mount)
  • Professional mounting of rifle scope to factory specifications.
  • Proper levelling of scope reticle to the rifle bore.
  • Bore sighted. 
  • Three shot group testing (for group size) with available factory ammunition @ 100 yards
  • Data collection and chrono graphing of tested factory ammunition.
  • Zeroing of system at 100 or 200 yards with selected ammunition
  • Calibration and testing of ballistic compensation @ 300 yards
  • Outputting of data collected in a spread sheet for the ammunition the system has been zeroed/calibrated too.

This Service Does NOT Include

  • Lapping of rings - available upon request ($50)
  • Barrel brake-in procedure ($100 plus ammunition)
  • Cost of Ammunition customer is to provide ammunition to test and map.

If you have any questions about the listed services or you are looking for something not listed, please contact us and our gunsmith will be more then happy to assist you in getting the right solution sorted out for you.

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