Personalized Ballistic Cam For Z6 (I), Z5 And Z3 Bt

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SWAROVSKI OPTIK has developed an additional, custom-made ballistic cam for Z6(i), Z5, Z3 and X5(i) rifle scopes and a ballistic ring for Z8i rifle scopes that are equipped with the ballistic turret. The personalized ballistic cam and ring make shooting simpler and more reliable.

Configuration of your PBC, PXC and PBR

With the online ballistic program it’s easy to configure your PBC personalized ballistic cam, PXC personalized extreme cam and PBR personalized ballistic ring:

1. Select your rifle scope and ammunition and enter your desired zero range.

2. In the results select the tab for the PBC, PXC or PBR.

3. Individualise the texts on your personalized cam or ring.

4. Contact your SWAROVSKI OPTIK dealer for ordering your personalized cam or ring with your preferences engraved on it.

Calculate your data online or with your smartphone

The SWAROVSKI OPTIK ballistic program is available online at https://ballisticprograms.swarovskioptik.com/Ballistic-Program. Additionally the ballistic program is available as app for your iOS and Android device. The online program and both apps are for free.

Always remember: You are responsible for the shot that you fire

We would like to make you aware that, while the ballistic program provides valuable support for long-range shooting, you must assess the situation yourself and you are ultimately responsible for the shot that you fire. To be able to benefit from the chance to take an accurate long-range shot, you are always recommended to use a rangefinder to calculate the exact distance. Having the right equipment, combined with practiced techniques that inspire confidence will help ensure your success.

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