Pxc (Personalized Extreme Cam) For X5/X5i

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The X5/X5i rifle scope ensures even better long-range accuracy thanks to turrets and the new personalized extreme cam (PXC). You can easily and quickly attach the PXC, which has your custom ballistic information engraved on it, without having to sight your rifle scope in again.

Benefits of the PXC personalized extreme cam:

  •  Shooting distances can be read directly on the turret.
  •  Two rows of individual engravings up to 40 MOA.
  •  A distance of more than 1,000 m/yd can be achieved, depending on the cartridge ballistics.
  •  Quickly switch between the standard cam and PXC at any time.
  •  The sight-in distance of the second rotation is automatically generated in the ballistic program and engraved as a 3-digit number.
  •  The innovative rotation indicator on the X5 rifle scopes shows which rotation you are in.
  •  The key data about the rifle scope and ammunition are engraved on the top of the cam.
  •  Depending on the type of engraving you want, 25 and 75 m/yd markings are displayed as triangles or longer lines.

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