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Rewards Program



Membership and Eligibility

The Pro Membership Program is a rewards program offered by Great North to its customers located in Canada only. Membership to the Program is limited to individuals only and is limited to one account per individual. Employees, officers, directors, agents and representatives of Great North and its affiliates are eligible for memberships but may be excluded from certain promotions. You must be age 18 years or older and a resident of Canada to be eligible for membership. 


Earning and Redeeming Program Rewards

Under the Program, reward points (“Point”) are worth $0.01 of online store credit against future Eligible Product Purchases, defined below, which excludes the purchase of e-gift cards, gift cards, taxes and/or shipping in Canada. Reward Points are earned and allocated to MEMBERs, Great North's margin for each product/item purchased by the MEMBER, which varies by product/item purchased. MEMBERs will be informed as to the number of reward Points available on a particular Eligible Product Purchase as that information will be communicated/labeled on Great North website on Eligible Product Purchase offerings at the time of purchase.

MEMBERs must provide the e-mail address associated with the Member account and have any points credited to your MEMBER Bank (“MEMBER Bank”). Non-members cannot earn or redeem points. Each Point is worth $0.01 Canadian dollar of store credit. Points are earned after each transaction and may not be available for immediate use. Points will post to the corresponding Membership within approximately 24 hours from purchase. If a MEMBER does not identify himself or herself, a manual adjustment can be made to add Points to the Membership for up to 30 days post the purchase date.

You will not earn Points on the portion of a purchase for which you used Points. For example, if you purchase an item for $100 and use 50 Points, the overall cost to you will be $50. As such, your points will be calculated from $50, not $100

Subject to the Termination provision of these TOS and so long as the MEMBER account remains active, points will expire based on how they were earned.  Unused Points earned as a result of an online purchase will expire 24-months from the date they were earned. MEMBERS who terminate their membership have thirty (30) days to re-activate their account or their accumulated Points will expire and no longer be available for their use at that time.

Points may be redeemed for rewards (“Rewards”) to be determined by Great North in its sole discretion; provided, however, that to redeem your points for any reward, you must (1) make an additional purchase of merchandise from Great North at the time that you redeem your points. Once you get to the checkout page of the website, you will be prompted to “Apply Points,” which is an icon option located above the credit card information area. Once you select “Apply Points” all points you have available will be allocated evenly to make a reduction of your cost across your transaction purchase cost. While the MEMBER program is currently set up to allow the earning and redemption of monetary credit toward future purchases only, Great North may, in its sole and absolute discretion, allow Points to be redeemable for other items of merchandise from time to time or otherwise allow Points to be redeemed for other rewards. However, Points are never redeemable for cash. You will not be taxed for any Points you used to make a purchase as Points are applied as a discount wherein you would only be responsible for paying tax on the remaining balance due to be paid in Canadian currency.

Rewards are available with point redemption while supplies last. If your online order is not completed during the same visit, the Rewards will be removed from your shopping cart and may no longer be available. You are not required to redeem a Reward during checkout.

Points Affected by Returns

If a MEMBER returns an item/purchase that Points were used to purchase, the Points used to purchase the item or make the purchase will be put back into the MEMBER’s MEMBER Bank for future use.


We don’t think anyone will want to stop getting the great benefits of being a MEMBER, but MEMBERS who decide they want to cancel their Membership can email us at info@greatnorthprecision.com, otherwise Memberships may expire at the conclusion of the paid membership’s natural expiration date in the event you choose not to renew.
Cancellation of a MEMBERSHIP cancels the MEMBER’s entire MEMBERSHIP account on greatnorthprecision.com. If a MEMBER decides to cancel their Membership, all unused points will be canceled unless the MEMBER re-activates the Membership within thirty (30) days. After that thirty (30) day grace period, if the MEMBER subsequently signs up to become a MEMBER again we will not reinstate the previously canceled, unused Points.


Customers can cancel an order any time prior to shipment. 
They can return most new, unopened items within 14 days of the original purchase date for a refund equal to the purchase price. We will also pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error I.e. You received the wrong product, or the item was defective. All special order items returned are subject to a 25% restocking fee and associated shipping costs. Any membership points earned or redeemed during the purchase will also be returned. 
All returns outside of the 14 day window will have to be approved by a manager at Great North discretion. Approved returns will only be issued as instore credit.
All firearms, used items, ammunition, vaults/safes, gift cards, clearance items, and special orders are final sale and are not eligible for return. 
You should expect to receive your refund within four weeks of giving your package to the shipper, however, in many cases you will receive a refund more quickly. This time period includes shipping and receiving your return, the time it takes us to process your return, and the time it takes your bank to return the funds to you.
*** All sales during the month of December will have an extended return date of January 10th. ***

Any new product purchased from Great North that is found to be defective or damaged may be exchanged for another product within 14 days of the original purchase date. If a replacement product is unavailable, we will gladly offer a complete refund of the purchase price.
All firearms, used items, ammunition, vaults/safes, gift cards, clearance items, and special orders are final sale and are not eligible for exchange. 

Please note we do not sell or ship internationally.
We can ship to almost any address in Canada, although there are some restrictions on some products, some products can not be shipped to some destinations. 
We process orders on a first come first served basis and fulfill orders as promptly as possible. If a change is required before shipping, please contact us as soon as possible. 
Shipping costs are produced based on weight, product type, size and shipping option. A tracking number will be emailed to you once your item has been processed on our end. Estimated shipping times are provided by the shipper and not Great North. 
If a firearm is purchased that requires a CFO transfer approval, your firearm will be shipped once we have received an approval notification.

In- Store Pickup
If you are picking up your order, please wait until you receive your pickup conformation email before heading to the store. Once at the store we will request two pieces of ID, a minimum of one piece must be government issued. Please visit a customer service rep and we will retrieve your order for you. 

Canada Post
All orders being shipped to a P.O. box must be shipped via Canada Post. 

Regional Shipping Exclusions for Free or Flat Rate Shipping:

These exception areas include Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut & the following postal codes:

British Columbia
   V0W, V0C, V0T, V0J, V8J, V0V, V8G, V8C, V0T, V1J, V1G
   R0B, R8N, R8A, R9A, R0L
   T0H, T8S, T0G, T0A, T0P
   S0M, S0J, S9X, S0P, S0E, S0L, S0N, S4H, S0C, S4A
   G8P, G0V, G0W, G0T, G0H, G0G, G5B, G0C, G4X, G0C, G0J, G5J, G4W, G0E, G5H, G0K, G5R, G0L, G5T, G5A, G8M, G8J, G8L, G8K, G8H, G8N, G7P, G7B, G7N, J1T, J0A, J1Z, J5V, J3T, J6E, J0R, J8C, J0T, J0K, J9L, J9E, J0X, J0W, J0M, J0Z, J9P, J0Y, J9P, J9T, J9Z, J0T
   P0V, P9N, P8T, P8N, P0W, P0Y, P0X, P9A, P0T, P0L, P5N, J0T
Newfoundland & Labrador
   A0P, A0R, A2V, A0K, A0A
Nova Scotia

Note: Great North reserves the right not to ship and cancel an order for any reason. If you have questions about our Shipping & Returns policies, or if you need any other assistance, you may contact us using the information below.


The limited warranties are the sole responsibility of the product manufacturer offering such warranties. Great North’s sole responsibility for warranty claims is limited to assisting the customer in contacting the manufacturer for any repairs or defects. Great North does not warranty or guarantee the function, condition, or safety of used firearms or ammunition. 

Used Firearms Trade-In or Purchase program

• The customer must have a valid PAL/RPAL.
• The customer looking to sell or trade their firearm must be at least 18 years of age.
• The customer must be the primary owner of the firearm they wish to sell or trade.
• All firearms are checked through the RCMP data base and are held for 30 days (as per Kelowna City Bi-law) before they can be placed for sale in store.
• On the cash purchase of firearms from customers we will hold the payment in whole or part until the 30-day hold is removed from the firearm. This will be managed at the discretion of the Great North management team.
• If the firearm is being traded for a less valuable item, the difference will be withheld for the 30-day hold time frame before being paid out to the customer.

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